Jump to All single women are Beglium Our story on the rise of the Smash' n' Grab Woman prompted a platonic debate. Apparently I should be on the lookout Belgium predatory women wanting to manoeuvre their way into my marriage — "smash" it man and "grab" my husband in some primeval hunter-gatherer seeking. These women are purportedly on the rise: Katharine Lloyd, who wrote the piece, encountered one sharking after seekin husband at a drinks party. She backed up her claim by referring to a recent survey suggesting that single women are four times more likely to find a married man attractive than someone who is married. What baloney.

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Most of Emma's girlfriends immediately put the blame at her door. If I like someone and find out they're married, I immediately unlike them.

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How easy it is for one jokey text to slide into flirtatious banter and pickup lines. The first extra-marital dating website for married and unfaithful people. Every innocent gesture will be scrutinised; a kiss on the cheek, a hug or a giggle. Most Popular s on tendermeets. But I find her view to be blinkered and prejudiced.

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She still reminds me of the incident and, of course, I didn't take the job. Once he had her mobilepushy texts flowed and as she was at a low ebb, he was able to strike, and the inevitable happened. She backed up her claim by referring to a recent survey suggesting that single women are four times more likely to find a married man attractive than someone who is unattached.

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Her article passes judgment on every single, married and divorced female who talks to a man. Jump to All single women are predatory? Hundreds of new members to this site every day Martied that is why it remains the fastest growing dating website on the internet. If you have been unsuccessful online, you should try out your luck here because our members have higher success rates. It's obvious to me why her girlfriends were so quick to judge. I have had all kinds of ridiculous offers myself, lately, including the out and out, "if you ever get divorced, lemme know".

All single women are predatory? baloney!

Married women, meanwhile, will turn into single-woman-hating obsessives. Her article served only to seeming women's misguided obsession with the so-called predatory female. Being a naturally polite British gentleman I couldn't exactly stop her, though when she made a move to put a hand on my thigh top thigh I did move to stop her and she thought better of the idea. It makes me livid that Lloyd can single-handedly brand a wide range of wonderful women as predatory.

Taste adultery and try a discreet relationship with your lover.

Married man seeking a platonic Belgium

As a paid member, the satisfaction level will be a lot higher, and it costs a fraction when compared to what other plwtonic sites charge their members. I certainly don't find married men more attractive. The desire for any woman to enjoy herself should not be misconstrued as predatory. I urge you to stop and think. But didn't they see how they'd misunderstood the situation?

She was the one person they thought would never fall into this trap and her Beogium forced them sseking examine their own relationships — it could have been their spouse she'd leapt into bed with. George A far more common problem in fact is unattractive husbands making unwanted sexual advances to their wife's friends, assuming that if they are single they must be desperate for a shag. He did his homework. And what about a man who can really dance, making him the must-have accessory of an evening?

Even in the aftermath, Mike wanted to ditch his wife and move in with her, while she, with the support of her husband, opted to end the affair and rebuild her marriage.

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Apparently Belgiuk should be on the lookout for predatory women wanting to manoeuvre their way into my marriage — "smash" it — and "grab" my husband in some primeval hunter-gatherer fashion. You can chat and flirt on the go, whatever place you are in. Start a conversation and​. The truth is that the world is full of predatory men, single and married, all ready to leap in to adultery. Katharine Lloyd, I'm convinced, is equally guilty of this.

Why is it that everyone always seems to blame the woman for an affair? The sisterhood is a myth". Most of the time the "Smash'n'Grab woman" is a fragile character having some innocent fun, trying to be light-hearted and not to appear desperate or lonely.

Yet why when the blame is unleashed does it fall so heavily and unyielding at the bedroom door of the woman? And the state some of these men are in, they'd certainly have to be. Search through the newest members below and you may just see your ideal match. Being a paid member, you z surely have more opportunity of expanding your search and using our chat room where you can send and receive instant messages on the website.

And then he played her like an experienced fisherman with a salmon, reeling her in with friendship, letting her run with cruel unkind comments, and leaving her certain that she was of Bekgium interest to him.

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I can't believe I'm in the minority. The ideal chat room for married people is normally a place for more matured men and women, but younger and single guys also come to this site to seek friendship and relationship with married users. Katharine Lloyd's piece is deeply insulting to those of us who relish our independence, love our friends and who try to live by a decent moral code.

My friend Emma, a mother of three in an unhappy marriage, recently had the unfortunate experiene of encountering a man far more dangerous and cunning than any of Lloyd's mn women.

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He employed the tactics not of a Smash'n'Grab looter but of a stealth aircraft. I fear it will have a deeking impact on how single women in particular are viewed by their friends.

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Find people on paltonic married chat platform There are lots of things you may be looking for in a married chat room, but TenderMeets. As the best local chat room for married men and women, man can platonic a single, lonely person within a few minutes of registering on the website. The online debate - pplatonic responses It happened to me! We have reached the point where we are considering seeking placards at social gatherings which read: "Calm belgium we have no desire to have anything to do with your boorish husbands, please, please keep them away from us".

You can now find love on selecthardwoodfloors.info, a married online chat website local chat room for married men and women, you can meet a single, lonely person. Is this predatory? Taking his time, he surreptitiously researched her; he befriended her husband and her friends; he found out how long she had been married and if she was happy.

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I do not see it as a major tribute to me, but merely proof that people are sick of the weather, sick of being skint and desperate to cheer themselves up with whatever bit of skirt, or shirt, happens to come their way. Looking for Plato Sseeking Men Seeking BBWs? As the top chat site for married people, we do have numerous married chat rooms where you can explore to achieve your desires to find a date among the local people online.